Teaching Philosophy

We are a select group of tutors setting out to bring back tradition – thoroughly tried-and-tested tradition – into modern teaching.

We are not claiming any special talents. We are simply addressing the fundamental difference between (a) the teaching from the 1960s right up to the present day, and (b) the teaching methods applied throughout the history of education before the 1960s.

The reality is that the difference between today’s teaching, even at its best, and traditional teaching can be shown to be not just a matter of a few percentage points. Rather, traditional teaching can be shown to be so dramatic in its effectiveness and efficiency as to be beyond any normal basis of comparison.

What has this got to do with us? To the best of our knowledge we are the only representatives of how teaching used to be done.

— We have taught pupils in age-groups from 3 to 70 in every sort of circumstance, from private houses to schools and lecture halls, both “face-to-face” and over the internet, and in over a dozen countries.

— The teaching we have been giving covers all the main academic subjects: English grammar and composition, Latin, Greek, French, German, mathematics, history, geography, handwriting, religion, philosophy in general and logic in particular, and even music.
— In recent years, our style of teaching has featured prominently and to considerable acclaim in the mainstream media and press.

– Whenever we reasonably can, we make sure that newspaper articles written about us include our often-repeated challenge: that we reckon to be able to teach more Latin in an hour than any child at school will have learnt in up to five years. Absurd? Feel free to take us up on our challenge!

— We have been invited by several schools to visit them, to explain how our much-more-effective traditional system of teaching works, and to demonstrate it in their classrooms.

Thus a sample of our evidence, ladies and gentlemen. How good do you think our case is?


Are you interested in teaching? We are always on the look out for enthusiastic new teachers – preferably not “teacher-training-college-trained”! — and you might like to consider joining us. What is involved is a short training period, from which you would end up teaching in the style of the rest of us, so that whichever of us any of our pupils are taught by, they are all getting the same style of teaching – virtually unique as it is in today’s world.

Why everyone should learn the ancient languages?