Reuben Grove

Reuben Grove was educated at the Universities of Warwick and Oxford. A professional writer for theatre, television, and film, he has also worked as Assistant Director at some of the country’s leading theatres including the National, the Old Vic, and Shakespeare’s Globe. He quickly adopted the traditional teaching style that we represent and has had extraordinary success. He currently has pupils learning Latin, French, and Mathematics.



Godha Bapuji May 2017

I homeschool my 12 year old daughter to be able to give her the love of learning, the space to think differently and give her a more relaxed childhood. After our move to the US from London, we were desperately looking to continue my daughter’s love for Latin. I was referred to Chloe by one of my classmates at Harvard, so I decided to try my luck as I had never done Skype lessons before. Though Chloe was not able to teach herself she highly recommended one Mr. Grove in September 2016, that’s how we met him and we are very glad to have him in our life ever since!

I completely entrust my daughter’s English Grammar, French and Latin needs with Mr. Grove as I have found him to be very knowledgeable in the subjects and a very good teacher at the same time. My daughter absolutely adores her time learning the languages from Mr. Grove and looks forward to them every week. She says he has a patience of a saint. In my own interactions with him, I have found him to be very gentlemanlike, very grounded and a perfect companion teacher to supplement homeschool instruction on these three subjects for me.  I am very pleased to see that my daughter’s love and experience especially in  French and Latin has flourished under his  care over the months, English grammar being a matter of factly because it is our first language and I would expect it to only grow better.

He treats her with utmost care, respect and equal admiration of her talents as an individual. He is a great teacher because he has provided her with customised teaching, to whet her appetite for true learning without turning it into either boredom or a nightmarish experience riddled with stressful exams, tests etc.,. Not here! I have seen her be herself with Mr. Grove and this is very important because I want her to feel free enough to be able to talk about her challenges, ask for help etc., with either me or her other teachers, but never show disrespect for teachers and the position they take in our lives. I always tell her that “teachers are like mothers in the outside world. Since we cannot be everywhere and do everything, teachers help us complement some of it”. I am glad that I find Mr. Grove a really kind soul on whom I can depend!

I am personally glad to have met Mr. Grove through Skype because he understands why my child prefers to be homeschooled. He gently pushes her limits to help her do better each time and has inculcated some truly valuable traditional learning skills which is becoming more and more absent in today’s highly electronic world of schools and I am mainly glad about this as I strongly believe in traditional methods of learning along with the book and the pen!  Thank you Mr. Grove for sharing my responsibility of homeschooling my daughter and for being a big part of our family discussions – you are practically our family!

Kind regards
Godha Bapuji

Emma Obeirne May 2017

Reuben, or Mr Grove as our son calls him, is everything that I would like in a teacher for me, let alone my son! He teaches by encouragement and praise, as well as ensuring, somehow, that all homework is completed and all revision is done. And done willingly which is the big difference.  There’s a sense of humour which is evident by the laughter that emanates from the ‘Latin Room’. Thomas’s progress in Latin in the short period of time with Reuben outstrips his progress in French at school. One hour a week with Reuben against five hours of French at school and I know where my money is better spent! Skype lessons are always on time and Reuben is always professional in appearance and demeanour.

Thomas’s exact words are:

‘Mr Grove is patient, calm and he explains things carefully and fully, and makes sure that I understand. He is very helpful too. I wish there were more teachers like him.’

Mrs P T May 2017

Reuben has done an excellent job tutoring our daughter.  He commands her attention and respect, but is never intimidating or boring.  He praises her when she is successful, and gently corrects her when she is not.  In a few months of tuition, she has moved from the bottom quarter of her Latin class to the top quarter, and her confidence has improved substantially.  Reuben has helped improve her Latin skills and her understanding of English grammar as well. He has a tremendous ability to explain language structure and break concepts down into simple components.  We would not hesitate to recommend Reuben as a tutor.

Stephen Byrne Williams & Byrne – Designers, Painters & Restorers of Glass

Reuben, you are an amazing teacher: Nell is full of smiles and energy. I’m sure she’s going to love working with you. Thank you so much.

Mrs Johanna Higgins Barrister

My children have been tutored by Mr Grove for two years in Mathematics. Each of them has improved immeasurably in their ability to perform mental and paper Mathematics and also in their confidence in the subject. I have found Mr Grove to be unfailingly patient, a good judge of character and and excellent tutor. He has a knack with younger students, he taught the youngest child from age 6 and the two older ones who are now 12 and 10. Mr Grove is calm and methodical, happily dealing with questions and encouraging discussion to ensure that students fully understand the subject. Notwithstanding, he is also firm and consistent.
I am very pleased with the progress my children have made under his tutelage. I feel that as well as being a good Tutor he is a good example of manners and presentation to my children.
I asked the older boys to sum up in a few words what they thought of their lessons with Mr Grove. The eldest said “He’s good at getting you to understand” and the 10 year old said “I always feel like I’m was achieving something in Maths, for instance even on the first lesson I cracked the 6 times tables.”
Looking back the boys seem to have covered a lot of ground, mental addition and subtraction, pie charts,  vulgar fractions, decimals, equivalent fractions, percentages, converting fractions, decimals and percentages and of course, all the times tables by heart. How old fashioned!