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N. M. Gwynne is live on the  ‘Up All Night’ programme 2.00 a.m. – 4.00 a.m. Monday morning twice a month.


N. M. Gwynne interviewed by Tony Snell on BBC Radio Merseyside:

N. M. Gwynne debates English Grammar with Harry Ritchie on ‘World at One’:

Mr Gwynne’s reaction to new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year.

Gwynne’s Grammar: R.T.E’s Morning edition presenter Keelin Shanley interviews N. M. Gwynne:

N. M. Gwynne interviewed on BBC 4’s ‘Today’ by Justin Webb:

N. M. Gwynne interviewed on the BBC World Service programme ‘World Update’, by Dee Sebastian:

N. M. Gwynne on BBC Radio 5 Live talking to Nicky Campbell:

Gwynne’s Grammar at the Idler bad grammar awards: