Dear Mr Gwynne and Miss Gwynne,
Thank you very much for this past week, it has been invaluable. I am very grateful that you are saving my education. I have been looking at the classics courses available and they sound like a brilliant preparation for adulthood, as well as possibly being slightly enjoyable.
The Latin has also been wonderful and when I do not have anything to think about, I find myself reciting verbs.
Your grateful student,

Dear Mr Gwynne and Miss Gwynne,
My daughter is so lucky to have you both in her learning life. She knows it too. Her world is opening up. Teenagers just operate with worrying, adolescent minds.
Starting today with Chloe energised her, and she enjoyed it.
Many thanks.
R. G.

The Hon. William Sackville, the future Earl De La Warr, getting stuck into his education!


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