Karen Boddey

Latin has been a passion of mine all my life. Although my first degree (from St. Andrews) was in Mediaeval History, my dissertation was on aspects of the 12th and 13th century collection of Latin poems the Carmina Burana. My second area of interest was the birth of English Common Law, for which Latin was also essential. More recently, I completed an MA in Classical Studies with the Open University, during which I studied aspects of ancient Greek and Roman literature, culture and history.

I have now been teaching Latin for nearly ten years. For much of that time, I used a standard Latin course taught in many schools in the UK. I switched to using the more traditional Gwynne method because my experiences of learning and teaching Latin have led me to see it is far more effective. I now teach children aged from five years old upwards – and enthusiastic adults – and am convinced that they learn more this way than they would using any other course or method. As an additional benefit, this method helps them to improve their understanding of English grammar and vocabulary to a much greater extent than other courses.