David Kharbanda

David was educated in Coventry (Law) and Cambridge (Classical Tripos). He was first drawn to Mr. N.M. Gwynne’s traditional principles of education in his teens through a chance encounter with Gwynne’s Grammar. From there grew a correspondence which blossomed into a close friendship, and eventually also into a teaching partnership, in which he follows the same traditional teaching principles he was trained in under the careful tutelage of Chloe Gwynne, and has been doing so now for about four years. He teaches primarily Latin, but is happy to teach other academic subjects, which, sadly, are now neglected in the mainstream education system, such as Ancient Greek and Logic.

In keeping with the Gwynne Teaching philosophy, his style is characterised by intense learning by heart, followed by careful application of what is learnt to the exercise material, which is always tailored to the pupil, so that each stage of learning is thoroughly mastered before moving on to the next. He welcomes pupils of all ages but specialises in younger pupils, for whom subjects such as Latin can often be as dry as dust.


Amy Timberlake

Thank you! You are a wonderful teacher to my children. Very patient, kind, and engaging. It is amazing that it has been a year since you started teaching them and, in that time, they have grown so much. I wanted to thank you for your dedication to teaching. I worked with Mrs. Spicer and was able to wire you a gift/tip in the amount of $150 GBP, please do look out for it in the next few days. I hope it blesses you as you have blessed my children with a love of learning.

Thank you again,
amy timberlake


We just got Sam’s Common Entrance results and are so happy for him – he got a mixture of A’s and B’s and for Classics he got an A – really appreciate all the time you have spent with him to get that result.